Compare Calories of Alcohol Free & Non Alcoholic Beers

Non alcoholic beer is a great way to cut-down on the booze, whether that's drinking alcohol free beer during the week, and then drinking full strength beer on the weekend. There are also many other benefits of non alcoholic beer!

Non alcoholic beer can also be great for people who are counting their calories, as they tend to be lower in calories, carbs and sugar compared to full strength beer.

There is roughly 7 calories per gram in pure alcohol, so a pint of 5% beer is around 239 calories.

On the other hand, the lowest calorie alcohol free beer is Drop Bear Beer Tropical IPA (0.5%), coming in at 25 calories per 330ml bottle. Not only is it low in calories, but also vegan friendly and gluten free.

We've put together a table below, comparing alcohol free beer vs full strength beer.

Alcohol Free vs Full Strength Beer

Beer Calories 100ml (AF) Calories 100ml (Regular) Difference
BrewDog Lost AF (0.5%)
BrewDog Lost AF (4.7%)
10 39 26%

BrewDog Punk AF (0.5%)
BrewDog Punk(5.6%)

15 52 29%
Pistonhead Flat Tire (0.5%)
Piston Flat (4.5%)
20 39 51%
Heienken 0.0 (0%)
Heineken (5%)
21 42 50%
Adnams Ghost Ship AF (0.5%)
Adnams Ghost Ship (4.5%)
23 39 59%
Budweiser Zero (0%)
Budweiser (4.5%)
14 39 36%
Budvar Nealko (0.5%)
Budvar Original (5%)
15.5 42 37%
Erdinger AF (0.5%)
Erdinger (5.3%)
25 25 100%
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