Calories, Carbohydrates & Sugar in Non Alcoholic Beer

Calories, Carbohydrates & Sugar in Non Alcoholic Beer

There are roughly between 19-98 calories in non alcoholic beer and alcohol free beer. Some beers are also lower in sugar, vegan friendly, and gluten free.

Grabbing a non alcoholic beer is a great alternative for the non-drinkers, but is non alcoholic beer lower in calories, carbs and sugar?

One of the major benefits of non alcoholic beer compared to standard lager is the fewer calories. This is because pure alcohol contains roughly 7 calories per gram, so a pint of 5% beer, is around 239 calories.

Just because non alcoholic beer is lower in alcohol, it doesn’t mean it’s calorie free.

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What are calories?

Calories are the measurement for energy in food and drink. When we eat and drink more calories than we burn off, our bodies will store the excess calories as body fat.

The calories in food and drink come from three primary sources

  • Carbohydrates – 4 calories
  • Protein – 4 calories per gram
  • Fats – 9 calories

Calories in Non Alcoholic Beer

Calories in non alcoholic beer can vary, depending on the amount of carbs and protein it has, and how it’s produced (ingredients).

As well as being lower in calories than standard beer, non alcoholic beer can contain fewer calories than many alternative soft drinks.

For example, San Miguel 0.0% has 24 calories per 100ml, whereas:

    • Lemonade has around 18 calories per 100ml
    • Apple Juice has around 46 calories per 100ml
    • Cola has around 41 calories per 100ml

Carbs in Non Alcoholic Beer

There are no carbohydrates in alcohol, but that doesn’t mean non alcoholic beer is also low in carbohydrates - it’s the opposite, they’re usually higher in carbs as they usually contain sugar.

Below is a table to compare different non alcoholic beer carb content:

Product Carbs per 100ml
San Miguel 0.0 5.6g
Heineken 0.0 4.8g
Bavaria 0.0 5.8g

Sugar in Non Alcoholic Beer

When going through the process of creating regular beer, the grain is the source of sugar. On its own, it’s quite sweet. This is where yeast plays its role, the microorganisms enable the fermentation, which forms the alcohol. Hops are added for the bitterness.

So, does regular beer have sugar in it? The simple answer is no, regular beer dos not contain sugar, but it does contain carbohydrates.

Then, what about sugar in non alcoholic beer?

Although, non alcoholic beer contains no alcohol, the amount of carbs can be higher than regular beer.

Have a look below, to compare the amount of sugar in non alcoholic beers

How Much Sugar in Non Alcoholic Beer

On average there is around 1.5g of sugar per 100ml. Making alcohol free beer lower in sugar than cola, orange juice and tonic water.

Product Calories per 100ml Carbs per 100ml Sugar per 100ml
Heineken 0.0 21g 4.8g 1.3g
Beck’s Blue 14g 3.1g 0.2g
Freestar Prime Time 19g 4.5g 1.1g
Peroni 0.0 22g 5.3g 3g
Leffe Blonde 0.0 40g 9.8g 1.1g
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