Our Story

LightDrinks was started by Mike Garland, a twenty-something from London, UK.

Mike had been working out on and off for five years, but never took his health seriously. After continuous binge drinking, he knew he wanted to make a lifestyle change. Before cutting-down on alcohol, he would drink excessively on Friday, Saturday and sometimes Sunday if it was a bank holiday.

After all the drinking, he gained a 'beer belly' and the feeling of regret the morning after. So at the beginning of 2017, he decided to take his health more seriously, workout five days a week, eat clean and stick to it!

When going out with his friends, he noticed the lack of alcohol-free drinks. He knew there must be more of a variety, so after searching the internet he came across a few European websites which sold low/non-alcohol beers. After purchasing samples, tasting each one, sharing with his brother and friends, he realized that the drinks tasted the same as any other beer you would buy at a pub.

He knew there would be people who would have made the same choice as himself, so had the idea of starting an online store which sold light, low or alcohol-free drinks. It would be perfect for people who are flexible dieting, counting calories, cutting-down on alcohol or trying to lose weight, and still want to enjoy the great taste of beer, cider or ale.

So, here we are. LightDrinks is one of the UK's fastest growing online stores for light, low and alcohol-free drinks.

What is LightDrinks and what do you sell?

LightDrinks is the UK's fastest growing online store that sells drinks that are low in calories, alcohol or alcohol free.