What is LightDrinks?

Low In Calories

Drinks that fit your diet

Our wide collection of drinks are not only low in alcohol, but also calories. Perfect for people who are flexible dieting or counting calories.

Low Or Non Alcoholic Beer

Less alcohol - great taste

It's true! You can still enjoy a drink without the alcohol. Trust us to provide you with a great selection of drinks with low alcohol or if you prefer zero alcohol! We supply great non alcoholic beer, cider and ale.

Tried & Tested

We try before we sell

Our team sample each drink, and if their taste buds approve, they're accepted to our store. Just a peace of mind.

Blog posts

The Midweek Drink - PUNCHY Drinks Non Alcoholic Spiced Rum Punch

Hello and welcome to the Midweek Drink! We’re already halfway through the working week with the weekend just peeking...

Why Being Sober Has Its Benefits

One of the best benefits of drinking non-alcoholic drinks is that you stay sober, while still enjoying the taste of y...

The Midweek Drink - Jever Fun Pilsner

Will this heatwave ever subside? I mean, one does enjoy the odd sunshine here and there, but a gentle, cool breeze wo...

The Midweek Drink - Thornbridge Big Easy Pale Ale

It has been a while since the last Midweek Drink was published; and I couldn’t be more happier to return and begin re...
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