6 Best Alcohol Free Bars in The UK (Your #1 Guide)

6 Best Alcohol Free Bars in The UK (Your #1 Guide)

Looking for alcohol free activities? Then you’re at the right place to discover the best alcohol free bars in the UK.

When you think of clubs, you automatically assume lots of booze, loud music, and for some, it means getting so drunk that you make a fool of yourself and get the dreaded hangxiety the following day.

Fortunately, thanks to the success of alcohol free drinks (alcohol free beer, wine, cider, spirits and cocktails), there are some great alcohol free bars (and pubs) stocking these drinks, where you can enjoy a night out, sober.

Oh, by the way, apart from avoiding a hangover, there are many benefits to alcohol free beer.

We look at some of the UK’s hottest alcohol free bars, which can be a great introduction to a pint of alcohol free beer or a glass of alcohol free wine.

1) Café Sobar

📍 Location: Nottingham, England

With all profits poured into alcohol and drug recovery, Café Sobar is a great space to enjoy an alcohol free drink with friends, family or work colleagues.

2) Sobar

📍 Location: Poole, England

Sobar is the South’s first independent alcohol free bar and café. It opened in February, 2022 and serves only non alcoholic beer, spirits and cocktails.

3) Square Root Soda Bar

📍 Location: London, England

Their great tasting colas and fruit sodas are great alternatives if you’re not on the booze. But, you’re looking for something a bit more closer to the real thing, they’ve mastered an alcohol free Shandy, Gin & Tonic, and Negroni Spritz.

4) Barr44

📍 Location: Cardiff, Wales

Bar44 in Cardiff has a great selection of mocktails. Their G&T Total is a classic gin style spirit made using 10 botanicals, including juniper, lemon & rosemary.


📍 Location: Derby, England

YADA Collective is reimagining Derby’s nightlife. With their alcohol free environment, it’s a great experience for everyone. They stock a great range of alcohol free beer and wine, as well as hot drinks and snacks.

6) The Nest

📍 Location: Hastings, England

The Nest is funded by local not-for-profit Eggtooth. It’s an alcohol free bar to socialise, host events and get involved with creative workshops and therapy rooms.

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