Alcohol Free Subscription Boxes

Alcohol Free Subscription Boxes

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It’s never been a perfect time to enrol yourself in an alcohol free subscription service. Whether it be an alcohol free beer subscription, or maybe an alcohol free wine subscription, the range of alcohol free beers and wines has increased dramatically, thus making an alcohol free subscription more appealing than ever.

The subscription market itself has had a boom with UK consumers. This is partly due to the COVID-19 lockdown the UK had in 2020, with consumers wanting to lift their mood as lockdown grappled with their lives.

Physical subscription services that deliver monthly; such as food, beauty products and alcohol are growing with nearly one in five consumers now saying they signed up to a monthly subscription service.

Alcohol Free Beer Subscriptions

Back in 2019, we created our very non alcoholic beer subscription/alcohol free beer subscription service.

Our team carefully hand-picked 12 alcohol free beers, packed and shipped them for our alcohol free subscribers, for £30 a month. Note: this service is currently being phased out, and will end on July 2021.

With our experience and knowledge with alcohol free subscriptions, we decided to setup and launch a new exclusive product, not a alcohol free subscription service; an exclusive alcohol free club.

NoLo Club

Enter NoLo Club - the new way to discover alcohol free beer.

We know it can be difficult to choose what alcohol free beer to try, which is why our dedicated team will carefully hand-pick a selection of 8, just for you. They’ve tried and tested hundreds of different beers from world-leading breweries, so their attention to taste is impeccable.

By paying £20 a month, you will become an official member of the NoLo Club, which provides you with 8 alcohol free beers every month, exclusive discounts at LightDrinks, and much more.

Delivery is FREE. You can pause or cancel anytime – no questions asked.

We’re very excited to launch NoLo Club, and we feel it’s bigger than an alcohol free subscription. The word “club” plays an important role to us, we want to build a community; an alcohol free club if you like.

Get started with NoLo Club

So, if you’re keen to dive into the alcohol free subscription service, or become a member of the NoLo Club, then you have a great opportunity to discover the world of alcohol free, for as little as £20 a month.

You can become a member of the NoLo club here. You can also find out more about the NoLo Club here, such as what beers will be included in your box each month.

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