5 Completely Alcohol Free Beers (The Best Ones to Try)

5 Completely Alcohol Free Beers (The Best Ones to Try)

It’s January - Dry January and Veganuary is in full swing. There is plenty of marketing for both campaigns. But, you may still be wondering how much choice is out there for alcohol free beer and non alcoholic beer.

All this talk about alcohol free beer, you may wondering - is alcohol free beer really alcohol free?

In the UK, by law, alcohol free beer can contain a very small amount of alcohol (less than 0.05%). You may be surprised to know that are also many everyday food and drink that contain alcohol!

Well, we have good news! The choice of alcohol free beer and non alcoholic beer is an ever growing market, with the likes of Heineken and Carlsberg jumping onboard with their non alcoholic beers.

Aside from the big breweries, there are small breweries producing great alcohol free beers, including Big Drop Brew, Nirvana Brewery, Mash Gang, BRULO, Lowtide Brewing.

To give you a hand, we’ve put together a list of completely alcohol free beers (that we think are the best), and sure to give you a hand during Dry January.

Completely Alcohol Free Beers:

  1. 4/5 – Coast Beer Co Idaho 7: £2.59, Buy Now
  2. 3/5 – Nirvana Brewery Dark & Rich Stout: £1.99, Buy Now
  3. 3/5 – Days Brewing Lager: £2.19, Buy Now
  4. 3/5 – Birra Moretti Zero: £1.59, Buy Now
  5. 4/5 – Brutal Brewing A Ship Full of IPA: £1.89, Buy Now

Best Completely Alcohol Free Beers/Non Alcoholic Beers to Try:

Based in Edinburgh, and founded in 2019, Coast Beer launched their Farmhouse Ale and Hazy IPA. Since then, they are boasting 6 non alcoholic beers.

But, this review is all about their Idaho 7 IPA. Part of their single hop series, this alcohol free IPA has hints of tropical fruit, grapefruit and mango. It's a bit thin, but also refreshing.

Coast Beer Co Idaho 7 IPA Alcohol Free 0.0% - 330ml

10% off first order (use code: FIRST)

Buy Now - £2.59

Nirvana Brewery use 100% natural ingredients, and all their beers are Vegan friendly.

This alcohol free stout is a bit thin, but you can definitely taste the chocolate aromas. The hint of vanilla is faint, but overall a decent non alcoholic stout.

Nirvana Brewery Dark & Rich Stout Alcohol Free Kosmic 0.0% - 330ml

10% off first order (use code: FIRST)

Buy Now - £1.99

A decent alcohol free lager from Scotland, which is vegan and gluten free. With low carbonation, this lager is gentle on the mouth.

Untitled Art Non Alcoholic Chocolate Milk Stout 0.5% - 330ml

10% off first order (use code: FIRST)

Buy Now - £2.19

This lager has a clear, amber colour tone with a thin white head and a rapid flow of carbonated bubbles racing to the top of the glass. 

For the aroma, the barley malt was very strong and very sweet to the nose.

Now, when it comes to the taste this may sound pretty strange. From what I could taste, it resembled a wheat beer which is quite odd…(though my tastebuds may be on the blink). But, I can’t complain as this lager was light, mildy bitter and very enjoyable - so enjoyable that 330ml isn’t enough. In-fact, it was more enjoyable than its 4.6% cousin.

Birra Moretti Zero Alcohol Free Beer 0.05% - 330ml

10% off first order (use code: FIRST)

Buy Now - £1.59

The ingredients used in this alcohol free IPA are water, barley malt & hops and is kept in a 330ml bottle. This non alcoholic IPA has a warm, dark amber colour, smooth carbonation that resemble strings of small beads running up the glass, which fade into a light brown, soft frothy head. The aromas of the hops can be picked out straightaway with a nice blend of caramel.

As you take a few sips of this light bodied IPA, you are at first welcomed with a soft, sweet caramel taste, and then, hit with a bitter aftertaste that is subtle and pleasant to the palate.

Birra Moretti Zero Alcohol Free Beer 0.05% - 330ml

10% off first order (use code: FIRST)

Buy Now - £1.89
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