The Midweek Drink - Lervig No Worries Mango

Good evening to all, and welcome to this week’s edition of The Midweek Drink.

It is now the end of May, and instead of being treated to blue skies and warm rays, we have had to endure grey skies and treacherous rain. BUT! According to the forecast for the first week of June, we should be expecting a heat wave just in time for the Bank Holiday! So, if you’re ecstatic about the news, it might be wise to start stocking up on your beverages today!

For this week’s Midweek Drink, I am reviewing for you another alcohol-free IPA with Mango flavouring brewed by Norwegian brewer, Lervig Brewery.

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A brief history of Lervig Brewery

Lervig brewery was founded in 2003 in Stavanger, Norway after the Tou brewery relocated to Oslo. In the first couple years since the brewery opened, the brewery continued to brew pilsner as a substitute for the Tou pilsner.

With the guidance of head brewer, Mike Murphy, the brewery finally turned to producing Stouts and IPAs which grew in popularity and helped to put the brewery on RateBeer’s list of the Top 100 brewers in 2014.

Three senses and a beverage

Lervig Mango is an alcohol-free IPA (0.5%), produced in a 330ml can. 

So after leaving this IPA to chill in the fridge, I was excited to get back home and crack this open as I have grown quite fond of the flavour of mango!

As I slowly poured this IPA into my glass, I began to see that the colour was not what I expected…Instead, I was treated to a cloudy amber colour and not the typical mango-juice colour tone that I thought would surround the inside of the glass. With minimal carbonation and a thin, white head that dissipates quickly, I was ready to indulge and enjoy.

Now I know that I should be expecting the aroma of mango and hops to rise from this beverage, but instead, all I could pick out is the aroma of peaches. Strange, but very pleasant. 

With a thin body, my tastebuds were first treated to the sweet mixture of peaches and mango, where the mango lingered more after each crispy and refreshing sip, to finally finishing off with a dry, hoppy aftertaste.

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