The Midweek Drink - Funky Fluid Point Five

The Midweek Drink - Funky Fluid Point Five

Good morning, afternoon and evening to all you teetotallers around the world, and to those who are just beginning their journey of sobriety or just cutting down.

 We are edging closer and closer to Spring with good weather hopefully coming our way, and just in-time as we approach the beginning of the slow lift of lockdown on the 12th April.

Now is the time to begin stocking up on some of your favourite bevvies, ready to be enjoyed with friends and family as we prepare ourselves for the return of the normal life of actually socialising without the need for technology.

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So, to tempt you with stocking up, I will be reviewing for you a brand new Hazy IPA that has recently hit our store, and has gain a surge of popularity with IPA lovers: Point Five Hazy IPA.

Point Five Hazy IPA is brewed by the craft brewery Funky Fluid, in Warsaw, Poland. It was founded by Michal Langier; Karol Mizielski and Grzegorz Korcz; and with these three at the helm, they have produced a fantastic range of beers from IPA’s to stouts, all encased in vibrant and psychedelic-looking 500ml cans and bottles.

Point Five enters the IPA world as a non alcoholic beer Hazy IPA (0.5%) with its Jackson Pollock-esque artwork encircling the 500ml can.

The following ingredients are: water, barley malt; wheat malt; oat flakes; wheat flakes; hops: Galaxy, Azacca, Citra; yeast.

At the back of the can, it recommends the temperature of consumption should be between 8-10°C, so with advice I listened and it was worth it!

As soon as you crack open the can (the best sound to hear after a gruelling work-week), I am instantly treated to juicy, tropical fruits mixed with a sweet malty aroma. But it’s not just my nostrils that were rewarded; my eyes were too. 

As I poured this beverage into a glass, I began to watch it fill up with a hazy, pale yellow liquid that closely resembles hazy lemonade, topped with a frothy white head that slowly dissipates and leaves white laces on the side of the glass.

Finally, after smelling and observing, I was able to treat my tastebuds. With a thin, light and smooth body, this hazy IPA starts off with a sweet, fruity taste that is quite light on the palate, finishing off with a fairly reasonable bitter, hoppy aftertaste that entices you to go in for another sip even before you’ve finished gulping the first one.

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