The Midweek Drink - Drynks Smashed Berry Cider

The Midweek Drink - Drynks Smashed Berry Cider

Good afternoon and welcome to The Midweek Drink on this scorching summer day in June. With temperatures beginning to soar in the mid-20s and no breeze to cool you down, be sensible and stock up on water and suncream or you will burn and have drumstick-coloured arms (the sweet, not our feathered friends) like me!

But don’t let this heat put you off from having your favourite beer or a fruity cider. And if you do like a fruity cider, then I have a surprise for you!

For this week’s Midweek Drink, I shall be reviewing for you a vegan-friendly and gluten-free fruit cider brewed by Drynks Limited: Drynks Smashed Berry Fruit Cider. 

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Drynks Unlimited was founded in 2017 by drinks industry expert Richard Clark. With a desire to produce his own alcohol-free beverages, he began brewing the SMASHED range of alcohol-free beers and ciders  in 2019. Today, Drynks Unlimited has five different beverages to their name.

SMASHED Berry Fruit Cider is produced in both bottle and can (330ml); has an ABV of 0.0% and has the following ingredients: Alcohol-free English Cider (Sulphites), Sugar, Natural Flavourings, Colour-Anthocyanin From Elderberry, Citric Acid.

With summer here, I had to go for this fruit cider as I just adore their sweetness and colour tones; and this one didn’t disappoint. As I pour into a glass, I am treated to a dark berry tone that closely resembles other fruit ciders such as Old Mout and Kopparberg.

Although there may be not much of a head to observe as it dissipates, there is however minimal carbonation that gives this beverage a sparkle.

Very fruity aroma with notes of apples, strawberries and a hint of cherries.

For the taste, I am first hit with the apples, followed up with the sweet taste of strawberries. But as I was drinking away this crisp and refreshing cider, I was quickly reminded of the taste of fizz balls that you could buy in vintage sweet shops that can be found in London and in old quaint villages.

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