So, What Makes Craft Beer - Craft Beer?

So, What Makes Craft Beer - Craft Beer?

Craft beer is becoming increasingly popular but what makes a craft beer well a craft beer? That might seem like a strange question to ask but think about it like this. What exactly is the difference between a regular beer and a craft beer?

Answering this question isn’t quite as easy as you might first think either. Over time the title craft beer has expanded and sometimes it isn’t always used correctly either. But like always I’ll do my best to explain what makes a craft beer a craft beer.

The Brewer

One of the most important elements of a craft beer isn’t the beverage itself! Although you often see many people ignore this rule. This is why large breweries have been able to launch their own craft beers.

But traditionally a craft beer should be created by a smaller, independent brewery. This could be a business that creates a range of beverages or a one-person outfit that is home-based. If the brewer is small then they are making a craft beer.

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Craft Beers Are Unusual

Okay, there is definitely scope to this but in general, you can expect a craft beer to be at least slightly unusual. It could offer a more distinct flavour or use a mixture of more unusual ingredients. This won’t be the case for all craft beers of course.

But you won’t often see a craft beer that can be described as boring. There will always be some twist in the creation of the beverage. Although whatever your preferences are when it comes to beer you will likely find a craft beer to your liking.

Craft beers originated when people got bored of the beers offered by larger brewery chains. So, you should expect things to be a little more creative. But it isn’t all crazy flavour combinations so don’t worry. Even if you like your beers a bit more traditional you’re still likely to find a nice craft beer you’ll enjoy.

Craft Breweries Have A Strong Sense of Community

Let’s go back to the brewery for a moment, shall we? While this will vary quite a bit you should expect the majority of craft breweries to have a more personal connection with their customers. They are generally more involved and open with the public.

This can take many different forms they could offer tours to people. Simply be more responsive through social media or even offer sponsorships or voluntary positions. A good craft brewery will have a loyal fanbase and often support their local community in a number of ways.

They will also generally be much more open with the public as well. Transparency is very important when it comes to craft breweries and they have a strong sense of identity. It might seem cliché but generally, they have a more personal identity than those of larger beer breweries.

So, What Is A Craft Beer?

So, what is a craft beer then? Well, this is our answer a craft beer is a beverage that is produced by a smaller, independent brewery. The beer will often be more innovative in its creation. It could offer a more unusual flavour combination or use different ingredients to offer a more unique texture or aroma.

A craft beer doesn’t have to contain alcohol either, in fact, there is a growing trend in low-alcohol and non-alcoholic craft beers. So, craft beers are a more creative and unique option when compared to the beer available from larger breweries.

Craft beers are growing more and more popular, and you will likely have quite a few craft breweries near you. It doesn’t matter where you live these breweries are popping up all over! If you are ever bored of the more common beers then why not give a craft beer a try?

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