Guide: How Pubs & Bars Can Take Advantage of Dry January 2023

Guide: How Pubs & Bars Can Take Advantage of Dry January 2023

Dry January is an annual event in which participants refrain from drinking throughout the entire month of January. It's a trend that has gained popularity in recent years as more people look to cut back on drinking and establish new routines after the holiday season.

It may seem counterintuitive for a pub or bar owner to urge their consumers to refrain from drinking, but there are actually a number of ways you can benefit from Dry January and this trend. Here are some suggestions:

Offer Non Alcoholic Alternatives

Many Dry January participants still want to socialise with others and have a good time, so think about providing a range of alternatives, like non alcoholic beer, non alcoholic cider, non alcoholic wine, and non alcoholic cocktails. You can still attract customers who want a night out without drinking by offering these options.

Promote Healthy Eating

Since Dry January is frequently used as a chance to start fresh and develop healthier routines, you might want to highlight healthy food options on your menu. Salads, soups, and lighter entrees may be included in this. To entice customers to select healthy options, you could also run specials or discounts on these products.

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Host Activities and Events

Instead of concentrating only on alcohol, think about organising activities and events that don't centre around drinking. This might include book clubs, trivia nights, and game nights. You can still attract customers who are taking part in Dry January but are looking for something to do by offering alternatives.

Run Promotions

In January, think about offering deals or discounts on non alcoholic options. Discounted non alcoholic beer, mocktails, or even a "Dry January special" that combines a non alcoholic beverage and a nutritious food item could fall under this category.

Make Use of Social Media

Use social media to advertise your Dry January non alcoholic offerings and events. You might also think about launching a Dry January-related social media challenge or competition, like a "Sobriety January selfie" or a "non alcoholic cocktail creation" competition. This could help spread the word and draw in customers who are taking part in Dry January.

Partner With Local Organizations

Consider collaborating with neighbourhood organisations or fitness centres to host events or run specials throughout Dry January. For instance, you could collaborate with a yoga studio to host yoga classes at your bar or with a nearby medical centre to host wellness seminars.

Pubs and bars can benefit from Dry January by providing non alcoholic options, encouraging healthy eating, hosting events and activities, running promotions, utilising social media, and collaborating with neighbourhood organisations. By doing this, they can draw clients who are trying to change their habits and adopt healthier ones. Despite initially appearing counterproductive, you can still succeed in January and beyond by embracing this trend and providing alternatives.

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