11 Famous People Who Quit Drinking

11 Famous People Who Quit Drinking

Non alcoholic and alcohol free beverages, particularly non alcoholic beer have been growing in popularity for quite some time now and attitudes towards drinking are showing significant changes. Binge drinking culture for the most part is showing a significant decline.

Stories of celebrities who have given up drinking are also growing more prominent as well. Now not every famous person who has quit drinking has had problems with alcohol some have simply quit drinking as a lifestyle choice. Let’s look at some stories of famous people who have quit drinking.

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Naomi Campbell

Model, actress, and businesswoman Naomi Campbell is famous across many industries and she has also given up drinking. In an interview with Life & Style, she discussed her sobriety saying that “not drinking makes me a lot happier”. This is a common thought amongst people who have given up alcohol.

Lana Del Ray

The popular American singer and songwriter has been open about her battles with alcoholism during her youth. In an interview with GQ, she explained that she had problems with alcohol in her early teenage years but wanted to get sober before turning 20. She also believed this helped her stay focused after moving to New York to pursue a music career.

Calvin Harris

The popular DJ explained his battles with alcohol saying that due to his job he was often surrounded by partying and with that came alcohol. However, he finally chose to say goodbye to the booze explaining that it was “making him ill” and affecting his brain “in the worst possible way”. Many celebrities who work in the entertainment industry have expressed similar thoughts.

Daniel Radcliffe

The star of the Harry Potter movie franchise and actor has been open about his battles with alcoholism for many years. He has also expressed how his battle to sobriety was a long one and not always easy. In an interview with the Telegraph, he explained that while he still has pleasant memories of alcohol he now thankfully barely thinks about.

Ben Affleck

Popular actor Ben Affleck has been open about his repeated battles with alcohol in the past and has completed rehab a number of times. He also brought a sober coach with him to the Oscars. His story is one many people who have suffered from alcoholism can relate to as it isn’t always as simple as just giving up drink.

Russell Brand

The comedian, actor, and writer is popular in both the UK and America and has been open about his battles with addictions in the past including alcohol. He has even written a book titled Recovery about his battles with various addictions and how he eventually overcame them.

Andy Murray

The British tennis star is a little different he gave up alcohol in his youth because he didn’t want it to jeopardise his sporting career. He explained his decision saying that he was worried alcohol consumption would risk jeopardising his dreams, so he simply decided to go cold turkey. Something which he continues to do today.

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt is another actor who has been open with his struggles with alcohol addiction in the past. He explained in an interview that during his early years as an actor he struggled with alcohol a lot but eventually decided he didn’t want to live that way anymore and decided to go sober. Something he continues to uphold to this day.

Pharrell Williams

The musician and music producer has been open about living a sober lifestyle saying that alcohol simply isn’t for him. This is an interesting case because many musicians and other entertainers have expressed that their work environment definitely contributed to their issues with alcohol. But it goes to show that others have simply decided to not try it. Alcohol simply isn’t for everyone like in all walks of life.

Chris Martin

The lead singer of Coldplay is another entertainer who has struggled with alcoholism in the past. He has said in interviews that he and the rest of the band had certainly enjoyed the party phase of their career but now that he is older he has embraced a more sober lifestyle.

Samuel L Jackson

Like many of the entertainers on this list, Samuel L Jackson also struggled with alcohol addiction. He has been open in interviews about his battles with alcohol and substance abuse during the 70s and 80s when he entered the acting scene in New York. However, he found the strength to go sober explaining that it didn’t just help him focus but also helped his acting by allowing him to connect with characters in a deeper more effective way.

So, that is 11 famous people who have talked about going sober. As you can see some are similar stories while some are quite different. Going sober is a different experience for everyone but it can be done.

How about you? Are you ready to discover the alcohol free world? Maybe a non alcoholic beer or non alcoholic wine?

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