Best Non Alcoholic Gin Alternatives 2021

Best Non Alcoholic Gin Alternatives 2021

Gin lovers! We’ve got some great non alcoholic gin alternatives for you. Whether you’re still dry from Dry January or a long-time teetotaller, these alternatives are definitely worth trying.

I love gin. It was my go-to tipple in a pub, or in the British sun, with a BBQ on the go. Having quit alcohol, I longed for a non alcoholic gin, that actually tastes like.. gin. Now, there is a wide range of non alcoholic gins out there, but finding one that tastes like the real stuff can be quite tricky.

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Thankfully, the rise on sobriety, and demand for non alcoholic alternatives (beer, cider, wine, included) has increased the choice of drinks available to the consumer.

I’ve narrowed down 3 of the best non alcoholic gin alternatives to try, whether you’re sober or just looking to cut-down on the alcohol!

1) Caleño Light & Zesty


Caleño Light & Zesty Non Alcoholic Spirit 0%


We love the exotic art on this bottle! It gives a feels of warm weather, turquoise ocean and white sandy beaches. Founded by Ellie Webb, her mission of brining joy to not drinking is definitely a vibe we can get down with. Caleño Light & Zesty is a blend of Inca berry, citrus and spice botanicals.

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2) Lyre’s Dry London

Lyre's Dry London Non Alcoholic Spirit 0%

Lyre’s non alcoholic spirits have been in the making for years. With a quest to make impossible possible, and free to drink your drink, your way. Their spirits are crafted with the finest natural extracts, essences and distillates from all four corners of the globe. That’s why we added Dry London to our list – it’s earthy, with flavours of citrus and juniper. Pepperberry gives it that warmth, dry finish.

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STRYYK Not Gin Non Alcoholic 0%

STRYYK NOT Gin was one of the first non alcoholic gins I tried. Like the Lyre’s Dry London, the juniper really comes through. They also use sage, basil and coriander, which blend very nicely when served with tonic.


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