5+ Reasons to Stop/Quit Drinking

5+ Reasons to Stop/Quit Drinking

Some of the benefits to quitting alcohol are for example, saving money you would have spent on alcohol, no hangxiety, better looking skin, weight loss, and much more.

But, what if you’re still asking yourself “why should I stop drinking?”. There are many benefits of non alcoholic beer, and we’ve put together the top reasons to stop drinking alcohol.

1) You’ll save money

Have you ever wondered how much money you spend on alcohol on night out? Do some quick maths in your head, then multiply that by how many times you go out in a month. The numbers would start to add up, and you’ll be shocked by how much you could save, and put towards something else, like a holiday


2) No more hangovers

We’ve all been there, right? The day after a heavy night on the booze - headaches, nausea, hangxiety. Your plans to go out are thrown out the window, you end lying in bed all day, binge watching Netflix. You scroll through your phone, praying you didn’t send any embarrassing drunken text messages – the anxiety fully kicks in. All these negative effects of a hangover can be avoided by not drinking. 


3) Better looking skin

Alcohol is diuretic, which means it promotes water loos through urine. This basically mean that your body gets rid of extra fluids, thus dehydrates you. Hydration is fundamental to skin health, so if you want to improve your skin, reducing your alcohol intake offers your body a better chance of retaining hydration levels needed to main your skin. 


4) Good for your liver

Your liver is responsible for breaking down alcohol. When you drink alcohol, you put more stress on your liver, and as a result, you can have serious health issues such as cirrhosis of the liver.


5) Lose weight

Losing weight can be a struggle for some people, it can also lead to health problems. It’s typical to gain weight from drinking, there’s also no nutritional value, as the calories from alcohol is known as “empty calories”. Calories, carbohydrates and sugar in non alcoholic beer can sometimes be less than regular beer, so start cutting the alcohol or making a switch to non alcoholic beer, and you’ll notice the weight drop off.


6) Get better sleep

Some people have a drink after work to unwind or help them sleep. While it may help you fall asleep faster, it effects your quality of sleep. It’s know that alcohol block REM or restorative sleep. Think how well you will sleep when you quit drinking.


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