5 Non Alcoholic & Alcohol Free Breweries to Try In 2021

5 Non Alcoholic & Alcohol Free Breweries to Try In 2021

Demand for alcohol free beer and non alcoholic beer is increasing, with global sales expected to reach $35.6b by 2030.

The demand has meant the beverage industry is underground a major shift, offering alternatives to their full-strength products. Some of the big players in the industry such as Heineken and Carlsberg have alternatives to their full strength beers, and Stella Artois recently launch their new alcohol free lager.

But, what about the other players in the alcohol free space? Big Drop Brew made the news last week, as they picked up their seventh award at the World Beer Awards. They were also crowned Britain's most decorated brewer of all time.

We've sample a lot of alcohol free beer and non alcoholic beer since we launched in 2017, and we've put together a list of alcohol free and non alcoholic breweries worth trying.

List of Alcohol Free & Non Alcoholic Breweries

1) Nirvana Brewery

Nirvana Brewery is an independent, family run alcohol free brewery based in East London. Founders Becky and Andrew have been leading the low & no revolution since 2016.

Their range includes a Pale Ale, Stout, Lager, and IPA. Some of their beers are also vegan friendly!

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2) Big Drop Brew

Launched in October 2016 by ex-City lawyer Rob Fink, Big Drop Brew was founded on a lifestyle changes, and the frustration for the lack of alcohol free beer alternatives.

With the help of renowned experimental brewer, Johnny Clayton (formerly of Wild Beer Co), they perfected techniques to make alcohol free craft beer without the need for artificial removal of alcohol, thus not compromising on taste.

Included in their range is Lager, Stout, IPA, Pale Ale, Sour and Porter. They also release seasonal beers.

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3) Lowtide Brewing

Lowtide Brewing is another independent alcohol free craft beer brewery founded by Rob and Dave in the summer of 2019. 

Rob and Dave felt the world was being short-changed, and that there wasn't a brewery that emanated a truly craft alcohol free beer. It was from this realisation that Lowtide Brewing was born.

All their beers are vegan friendly.

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4) Good Karma Beer

It's all good vibes at Good Karma Beer!

Their alcohol free brewing journey started in back in 2016. But, in 2018, life had its own plans, but they're back with a pump of energy, and excited to be brewing all sorts of beer styles with love.

Their beer styles are classics from Germany and Belgium, with some close to home.

Their beers are also vegan friendly, and organic!

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5) Mash Gang

The guys over at Mash Gang are new to the alcohol free crowd, but they're producing some cracking alcohol free beers!

With their American Pilsner Stoop and Spiritual Journey making waves on the scene, these beers are not to be missed.

They're releasing a stout soon, which we're sure will be banging.

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