The Weekly Update - Monday 16th April

The Weekly Update - Monday 16th April

Hello! It’s Monday! The start of a new week, and what a week it shall be. It has been announced by the Met Office that we will be seeing double-digits throughout the week (the warm ones), so hopefully that will cheer you up and rid those Monday Blues. So with that to look forward to, it’s time to reflect on what happened last week in the world of LightDrinks.

At the beginning of the week, we saw a HUGE surge in sales from one of our newest products: Infinite Session Pale. Now it may be down to our slick social media skills, or the email that was sent out notifying our customers of its release that may have contributed to these sales, or it could well be the hot weather thats got everyone stocking up for the weekend (there’s no better feeling thank drinking a Pale Ale in the sun).

But it’s not all about business with us. As you may have seen from our Instagram story, we took a trip into Reading on Saturday to the Craft Theory Festival. Now it may not have been an alcohol-free zone at the festival, which may seem odd for us to participate in, but there’s no reason stopping us from indulging and celebrating all types of beers, IPA’s and Stout - be it alcohol-free or not. We believe that all beverages ranging from 0.0% ABV to 10.0% ABV should be celebrated and enjoyed, together. After all, it takes time for breweries, especially microbreweries, to master the final product, and so, it’s good to support them all the way.

Finally, as you may have seen from our social media pages, we have also been busy taking a few snaps here and there of some of the products that we’re already selling. But there is one that we have chosen to hold back on; and this one will be unveiled very soon so keep your eyes peeled..</>

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