The Midweek Drink - Super Bock Pilsner 0.5%

The Midweek Drink - Super Bock Pilsner 0.5%

January has left; February has arrived. And still, as a country, we continue to go through the bombardment of cold and damp weather, with also a sprinkle of snow to make things just that harder for commuters to get to work.

Now I do like the rainy weather, but it does dampen your day (excuse the pun) if you had already made plans of going out, without the worry of scurrying around like a drowned rat, cursing and looking for a shop, or as we see it: a safe haven.

But I want to forget about this weather just for a brief moment, and talk about a beer that derives from a much warmer and drier country: Portugal. So, todays choice is going to be the Super Bock’s Sem Álcool Beer (non-alcoholic translated).

Super Bock: From 1927 to Today

  • In 1927, Super Bock is established in Leça do Balio, Portugal which - and still - is owned by the Unicer Brewery.
  • It is the leading beer brand in Portugal and the best-selling Portuguese beer in the world.
  • During the late 60’s, Super Bock launched its first advert with the slogan “The beer that goes beyond expectations”.
  • At the start of the 1970s, Super Bock formed a distribution network with 12 delivery vans in Lisbon.
  • From 1977, they have won 68 gold awards from the Monde Selection de la Qualité.
  • Super Bock establishes the Super Bock Super Rock music festival in 1995.
  • They have also sponsored Portuguese football teams such as FC Porto and Sporting CP.

Three senses and a beverage

This Portuguese beer comes in a 330ml bottle with the selected ingredients: water, barley malt, unmelted cereals (maize and barley) and hops.

The beer has a gold colour, minimal carbonation and a soft, thin white head. Very light and refreshing, with a sweet - and slight citric bite - taste with notes of cereals to please the tastebuds. An aroma of malts with a hint of fruit can be picked out.

Where to buy Super Bock Pilsner 0.5 (non alcoholic beer)

Right here at LightDrinks! We sell Super Bock Pilsner 0.5% and also Super Bock Stout 0.5%

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