The Latest At LightDrinks

The Latest At LightDrinks

We hope everybody had a good weekend! I know we did!

The LightDrinks team traveled to Cambridgeshire, UK and caught up with family and friends. We were lucky to have the sun all weekend (considering this is Britain and our summers are known to be filled with rain).

You may have seen our Instagram post of two cases of low and non-alcoholic beer loaded in the boot of our car. We thought it would be a brilliant idea to share some of our great tasting drinks, so we packed some non alcoholic beer, a mix from Germany, Belgium, and Spain. We also packed Stowford Press low alcohol cider. It's clear to say, everybody loved them! We were told that we didn't bring enough drinks, and we should go back and get more!

We're Going To Start Vlogging

Yep! That's right. We're going to start Vlogging on YouTube.

What are we going Vlog about? To start off with, we're going to review drinks. It's going to have a chilled and relaxed vibe.

In the future, we'll be offering advice, tips, and maybe... courses to staying sober (all free of course!)

More Low & Alcoholic Free Drinks

We've also got a few more drinks to add to our ever growing collection, so keep your eyes peeled!

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