The Booming Business of Non-Alcoholic Drinks

The Booming Business of Non-Alcoholic Drinks

If you haven’t been keeping your eyes on the news regarding non-alcoholic drinks - then fear not! It’s good news, by the way, so there’s no need to panic.

It has been announced from a recent report that the non-alcoholic market is forecasted to surpass $25 Billion (£17 Billion) by 2024. Why is this happening, you may ask? Well, it’s to do with how society is understanding more about the dangers of over-consumption of alcoholic drinks, and so, becoming more health conscious is on the rise. Having the odd drink or two is perfectly fine, in moderation of-course; it’s when you over do it will you not look and feel perfectly fine. I mean, what’s so fun about wasting the whole day feeling nauseous and fatigued?

But since the turn of the 21st Century, there has been more to choose from in terms of non-alcoholic drinks. And you can thank those large brewery corporations and also the new and upcoming microbreweries.

With the non-alcoholic market on the rise, bars and restaurants up and down the country have taken notice of this and have begun stocking up your favourite alcoholic alternatives of beer, cider, wine and gin. So it’s not just all about cutting down on the alcohol and calories, instead, you are given the opportunity to enjoy your drink without the worry of waking up the next day cringing over the night before.

But, for any reason why you can’t locate the nearest bar and restaurant that caters to your tastebuds, you can always rely on us to serve you all the way.

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