Move On Up!

A 70s classic, but also a phrase that expresses how us as a company can move on up in terms of progress: expanding our array of alcohol-free & non-alcoholic beverages and building strong relationships with brewers, old and new.

Alcohol-free & non-alcoholic beer, cider, gin and wine is perfect for those who want to cut down on the calories or to just enjoy with good company without the dreaded ‘light thud between the eyes’ to greet you in the morning; but others may not like the taste or aroma of such beverages. Others may like the odd soda, here and there, while others may enjoy a glass of fresh orange juice; and others may just be that more ‘exotic’ with their choice of beverage. And it’s this ‘exotic’ choice that we can progress even further…

So, to broaden our range of drinks, we began to sell Kombucha which was introduced to us.

But what is Kombucha? And why is it becoming so popular?

Kombucha - if you don’t know what it is, already - is fermented tea. It can either be black or green tea, with kombucha cultures and the addition - if the brewers choose, so - of natural flavours such as ginger, strawberry and turmeric. Its origins have been known to come from China over 2000 years ago and has since been drunk in Russia, Eastern Europe and the U.S., not just for its difference in taste, but for its great health benefits thanks to the live bacteria, known as Probiotics. And its these probiotics that help aid in supporting a healthy gut, the digestive system and the liver.

And as a company, we are very pleased to have two types of Kombucha in our catalogue: Real Kombucha & Wild Fizz Kombucha - and we look forward to adding many more in the near future.


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