LightDrinks March Update

Well - that was an interesting Saturday, right? Another snow storm arrived from the east dubbed as ‘The Beast From The East 2’, Ireland’s success in the Six Nations and St. Patricks Day all on the same day! And to add to this list, we have made an addition of two new drinks on our site. The first being an addition to our non-alcoholic G ’n’ T selection called The Duchess Non-Alcoholic Virgin Gin & Tonic: a botanical crafted G ’n’ T naturally sweetened with stevia and low in sugar. And our second is another IPA to be added to the IPA family: Northern Monk Patrons Project 5.01 Light IPA 3%

There have also been two new changes, as well…

The first change, which you may have already noticed, is the price reductions on many brands. We understood that the prices needed a tweak (especially on brands that could well be your personal favourite), so we believe that these new prices will look more appealing to the eye - and the tastebuds.

The second change comes from our very own customers opinions: the use of environmentally friendly materials. As a company in the 21st century, it is our responsibility to make sure that we can - and will - only use such materials in a world that is spear-heading to a cleaner and greener future. So we have scrapped the idea of using paper for invoices, begun using bio-degradable chips as filling for the past five months and our boxes are made from recycled cardboard. And now, we have begun using 100% recyclable packing tape and have disregarded the use of plastic brown tape.

There are many more changes that will be needed as we continue to grow, but with the help from you, the customer, we can strive to improve with every review you leave.


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