LightDrinks Is 1 Month Old

LightDrinks Is 1 Month Old

It’s crazy how we've been open for one month!

It’s fair to say, the first month of opening has been an absolute success. We’ve been networking, sending out samples, fulfilling orders, advertising and building a community across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

To be honest, we didn’t expect any sales for at least 3-4 months after opening, but we were more than surprised (and thankful) when we received our first orders within a week!

As we started to grow our range of drinks, offer a next-day delivery service for just £5.99 (no matter how much you ordered) and spread the word via social network, we saw an explosive growth in sales!

We’ve had requests for drinks that aren't available on LightDrinks. We’re listening, we’ve replied and we’re already in contact with suppliers to grow our range of drinks.

Keeping our customers happy is the most important thing. Keeping costs down is also just as important, and we will continue to keep passing on any savings to you!

From the team at LightDrinks,

Thanks for being part of this exciting journey. LightDrinks will continue to be the fastest growing online store for light, low and alcohol free drinks.


We have so much planned for the future!

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