A Cosmic Year of Experience

Although we’ve only just established ourselves in this short period of time (six months this Friday, to be exact), it’s nice to take this moment to reflect on a dream which manifested itself into reality. A journey of perseverance and hard-work that began in a pub on a Saturday night is now flourishing - and will continue for years.

Beer was the first step; we wanted more. So we contacted breweries right across the country and even contacted breweries across Europe! Our customers grew, as-well as our selection of drinks, and we began to gain great relationships with personal trainers and the everyday person, looking to improve their health and finding what’s right for them. Yes, we can safely say with our heads held high that this year will go down as a triumph milestone for the future of LightDrinks.

But its not just our great selection of Beer, Ale, Cider, Wine, G ’n’ T and Soda that we have to offer, something else is ‘brewing’ in the LightDrinks headquarters for 2018.

Pioneers in non-alcoholic beer

Okay…Pioneers may not be the right word at the moment; but we are working hard to become the Pioneers of the non-alcoholic and alcohol-free industry, very soon. In fact, change of attitude, we know we will be! Why think small and believe that you can’t compete against the ‘bigwigs’? Think BIG! And that is what we will always do - everyday. And who can help us to achieve this possible goal? You! When you visit our site, you may browse through our great array of drinks, choose what you like; but then you may want to try something new that we may not have…yet. So we listen and research for you guys to make sure that we can successfully satisfy your demands. The more we listen, the more our selection of drinks and customers will continue to grow. And the name ‘LightDrinks’ will become a household name like ‘Google’ across the UK, Europe, and soon, America.

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