Your #1 Guide to Non Alcoholic Cider

Your #1 Guide to Non Alcoholic Cider

It All Starts with Fruit

Non alcoholic cider is a popular and refreshing alternative to traditional alcoholic cider. It is made from the fermented juice of various fruits, primarily apples and pears. Non alcoholic cider has been enjoyed for centuries, and its origins can be traced back to ancient civilizations who discovered the fermentation process. Today, it has become a favourite choice for those who want to enjoy the taste of cider without the alcohol content.

Types of Non Alcoholic Cider

Apple Cider

Apple cider is the most common type of non alcoholic cider, made from pressed apples. It has a sweet and tangy flavour, which makes it a perfect drink for any time of the day.

Pear Cider

Also known as perry, pear cider is made from fermented pear juice. It has a milder and sweeter taste compared to apple cider, and it is popular among those who prefer a smoother flavour.

Berry Cider

Berry ciders, made from various types of berries such as blackberries, raspberries, and strawberries, offer a unique and fruity twist to the classic cider taste.

The Process of Making Non Alcoholic Cider

Traditional Methods

Traditionally, non alcoholic cider was made by fermenting fruit juice at a low temperature, which slowed down the process and limited the production of alcohol. The cider was then filtered to remove any remaining alcohol content.

Modern Techniques

Nowadays, modern technology has made it easier to produce non alcoholic cider. One common method is to ferment the juice under controlled conditions and then remove the alcohol using advanced filtration or vacuum distillation processes.

Health Benefits of Non Alcoholic Cider

Nutritional Value

Non alcoholic cider is not only a delicious drink, but it also offers some health benefits. It is rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, which can help boost your immune system and overall health.

Antioxidant Properties

The antioxidants found in non alcoholic cider can help protect your body against damage caused by free radicals, which may lead to various health issues, including cancer and heart disease.

Lower Calorie Option

Non alcoholic cider typically contains fewer calories than its alcoholic counterpart, making it a healthier option for those watching their calorie intake or trying to maintain a healthy weight.

Popular Non Alcoholic Cider Brands

UK Brands

Some of the most popular non alcoholic cider brands in the UK include:

Stowford Press

Known for their apple and mixed berry ciders, Stowford Press offers a range of non alcoholic options made from 100% British apples.


With a rich history dating back to 1816, Sheppy's produces a delicious non alcoholic apple cider that retains the traditional flavour and quality of their classic ciders.


A Swedish brand that has gained popularity in the UK, Kopparberg offers a range of non alcoholic ciders, including apple, pear, and mixed fruit flavours.

International Brands

There are also several international non alcoholic cider brands that have become popular in the UK:

Moomin Cider

Hailing from Finland, Moomin Cider offers a range of non alcoholic apple and berry ciders, using high-quality ingredients sourced from the Nordic region.

Cawston Press

This Australian brand focuses on using fresh, high-quality ingredients to create a variety of non alcoholic ciders, including apple, rhubarb, and ginger beer.

Serving and Enjoying Non Alcoholic Cider

Proper Temperature

To fully appreciate the flavours and aromas of non alcoholic cider, it is essential to serve it at the correct temperature. Generally, it is best enjoyed chilled, between 4-6°C. This will help to bring out the natural sweetness and fruity notes of the drink.

Pairing with Food

Non alcoholic cider is incredibly versatile and can be paired with various dishes. Its fruity flavours and natural acidity make it a great accompaniment to cheese platters, salads, and seafood dishes. For those with a sweet tooth, it can also be served with desserts like apple crumble or sticky toffee pudding.

Switch to Non Alcoholic Cider Today

Non alcoholic cider is a fantastic alternative for those who want to enjoy the taste of traditional cider without the alcohol content. With a wide range of flavours and brands available, there is a non alcoholic cider to suit everyone's preferences. Whether you're looking for a refreshing summer drink or a cosy winter treat, non alcoholic cider is a delicious and healthy choice.

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