Winning Gold with Krombacher

Winning Gold with Krombacher

The 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang has had the nation glued to their television screens and constantly checking social media to keep  up-to date with the early morning sporting events. From elegant ice-skating to very vocal curling, these sporting events have gained a large fanbase of young and old, and a new generation of athletes training for the next winter olympics in 2022.

There were also unexpected results, such as, Germany beating Canada in ice hockey; and with this win, Germany have succeeded by finishing in second place in the medal table. Although we finished lower down the table, it was still fantastic to see the passion our boys and girls gave for two full-on weeks; hopefully this will make them even more hungry for the number one spot in four years time.

So going back to Germanys winning ways: What contributed to their great success?

Well, according to the German athletes, the key to their success was drinking non-alcoholic wheat beer…yeah, you haven’t read that part wrong. The athletes themselves claimed that the wheat beers that they consumed - such as Krombacher - had played its part with performance boost and recovery - and that isn’t far from the truth as I will explain later on.

This news was quite unexpected, but at the same time, excellent to hear. We are stocking a non-alcoholic wheat beer that was the number one choice for top athletes in the winter olympics!

So why did the athletes choose to drink Krombacher instead of sport drinks?

It’s all to do with an athletes favourite ‘I’ word: Isotonic. A drink with isotonic properties can help reduce inflammation, reduce respiratory infections and can rehydrate you during and after exercise. So with 1,000 gallons of Krombacher being shipped to the Olympic Village in Pyeongchang, it has become the go-to beer for not just the German team but for all athletes.

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