Why Being Sober Has Its Benefits

One of the best benefits of drinking non-alcoholic drinks is that you stay sober, while still enjoying the taste of your favourite drink. If you like a good glass of beer but don’t want to risk a hangover then you can thanks to non-alcoholic beers! It also can’t be denied that being sober does have its benefits.

But before I go on to those I think it’s important that I dispel something that as unfortunately become very commonplace and that is the belief that staying sober means you’re not going to have any fun! Or the belief that wanting to stay sober makes you boring, just because you don’t want to get drunk it doesn’t mean you won’t still have a good time.

In fact, by staying sober you’re more likely to have fun and actually remember it! So, staying sober does certainly have its benefits and I’ am going to be taking a more in-depth look at them. So, without further ado let’s begin.

No Hangover

If you get drunk you will be feeling the after effects the morning after and that is not going to be a pleasant experience for anyone. Yes, everyone has a different tolerance and some lucky people might even be able to shake off a bad hangover relatively quickly but you’ll still get one

Hangovers affect people differently but you’ll usually feel tired, fatigued, dizzy and have difficulty focusing. And that’s just some of the possible side-effects so getting drunk might be fun at the time but afterward, you’ll likely regret it.

You’ll Be Happier

Many people say getting drunk makes them happy and in a way, it actually does because alcohol releases dopamine. Which communicates happiness, however, this is not going to be very long-lasting so getting drunk to make yourself happy is not going to lead to success.

While staying sober means you will always have a clear head and can actually focus on having a fun and meaningful conversation with people instead. Plus, you can still enjoy drinks just opt for the alcohol-free ones instead!

You’ll Sleep Better

Alcohol is a real pain when it comes to sleep if you drink too much trying to get to sleep is not going to be easy. This is because alcohol effects REM sleep which you actually need to be able to reach for your body to actually rest and recharge. So, by staying sober and opting for non-alcoholic drinks instead you’ll be guaranteed a much better night’s sleep.

It’s Healthier

Alcohol even in small amounts can cause a myriad of health issues especially if you get drunk a lot. Alcohols impact on your health is well known and getting drunk brings even more potential dangers to your health. When you get drunk you don't think straight and can even get aggressive and this in turn could easily cause you to act recklessly.

This could bring about a wide array of different dangers, you could get into a fight with someone, drink and drive or injure yourself and others in many other ways. Getting drunk can impact your health in a number of ways so staying sober is always going to be the healthier option.

You’ll Have More Fu

Getting drunk doesn’t make you the “life of the party” or break you out of your shell. There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to getting drunk and it’s often characterised as making people happy, fun-loving and cool. But really this isn’t what will happen in real-life.

Getting drunk effects everyone differently but you aren’t going to have fun if you drink too much you’ll probably get the exact opposite result instead. And you’ll be sure to regret it when you’re nursing a hangover the day afterward, so the next time you meet up with friends if you want to ensure you actually have fun stay sober.

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