The Midweek Drink - Vilniaus Alus Non Alcoholic Beer

The Midweek Drink - Vilniaus Alus Non Alcoholic Beer

Hello and welcome to this weeks edition of The Midweek Drink. With just under two weeks to go until half-term finishes, it’s time for you

parents to give yourselves a pat on the back for not losing your sanity and achieving a milestone that us childless folk will never know. So why not treat yourself this weekend to a bit of R&R either in your garden or by the beach, and soak up the rays that will be bombarding this country this weekend right through to Bank Holiday Monday.

For today’s Midweek Drink, I will be reviewing a non-alcoholic beer straight out of Lithuania called Vilniaus Alus Non Alcoholic Beer.

Brief facts on Vilniaus Alus

Vilniaus Unfiltered is brewed by Vilniaus alus, an independent company established in the city of Vilnius, Lithuania. They continue to brew their products under the Purity of Beer Law that originated from Germany in 1512, and only use natural ingredients and allow their beers to naturally ferment.

The company has also won awards for their beers, such as Gold Medal for “Product of the year 2008” and Bronze Medal in the kvass category at the “Riga food 2013” event.

Right, onto the review.

Three senses and a beverage

Vilniaus Unfiltered is a non-alcoholic beer (0.0%) and is produced in a 330m glass bottle. The ingredients used are: water, barley malt, hops, beer yeast, CO2.

This unfiltered beer has a cloudy, lemon colour tone with sediment swirling around, has a large amount of carbonation sticking to the side of the glass that gives it that thirst quenching look to it and a thin white head that dissipates very quickly. 

It is very light bodied and grainy, which gives it that wheat beer feel to it as you take a gulp. For the taste, it has a malty and pleasant sweet aftertaste and has a soft hoppy aroma.

Where to buy

Here at LightDrinks, you can grab a Vilniaus Alus Non Alcoholic Beer for just £1.19 a bottle.

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