The Midweek Drink - vandeStreek Playground IPA

The Midweek Drink - vandeStreek Playground IPA

Brrrr! You can really tell that January has shown itself with the icy wind biting at your face, snow that is that kind of snow that doesn’t settle and turns into a dull, grey mush and the deadly black ice on the road. So take precautions on the roads, guys!

While we’re on the topic of January, how is everyone doing for Dry January? If it’s going by what we’re seeing from LightDrinks HQ, it must be going very well! So well done! Give yourselves a pat on the back or raise a glass of your favourite alcohol-free beverage.

On today’s Midweek Drink, we will be reviewing a non-alcoholic IPA brewed by VandeStreek called, Playground Non-Alcoholic IPA.

A brief history of VandeStreek

The journey begins in 2010. In a flat in Kanaleneiland, Sander and Ronald began brewing their own beer, which quickly grew from 20 litres per batch to 50 litres per batch. By 2013, they were ready to launch their first beer. Two years later, two new beers were added: Hop Art IPA and Koper. In 2018, Playground Non-Alcoholic IPA was introduced plus six other beers.

Three senses and a beverage

The ingredients used are: Water, Malted Barley, Hops (five different types) and Yeast. The alcohol content of this IPA is 0.5% and is bottled in a 330ml glass bottle.

This IPA has a cloudy, amber colour with low carbonation and a white frothy head that lingers for some time, to then finally leaving white laces on the side of the glass.

The best way I can describe the aroma is that it has a tropical fruit and hoppy aroma. For the taste, it has a subtle malty sweetness which is blended nicely with a bitter aftertaste thats last for quite some time.

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