The Midweek Drink - Twisst Pina Colada

The Midweek Drink - Twisst Pina Colada

How are we all on this hot Wednesday afternoon? Are we all being sensible with our suntan lotion and staying hydrated? Well if you’re not doing this, then crack on with it! There’s nothing worse than trying to attempt tanning all over to only see yourself in the mirror hours later red all over.

So to keep you cool this week (especially this Saturday!), I shall be reviewing for you the perfect summer drink that is out there. Cider, you say? No, but that is a quality beverage during this time of year. What I am talking about is a nice glass of Pina Colada, brewed by Twisst.

Now that I have left this non-alcoholic cocktail to chill in the fridge for serval hours, it’s time to crack it open. Sorry, I meant it’s time to pull the label off (due to this cocktail being produced in a 240ml cardboard casing instead of an aluminium can), and begin the adventure of pleasing the senses.

As I pull the label away, I immediately hover my nose over to see if this does resemble the Pina Colada that has been enjoyed by generations of holiday-makers that escape to tropical locations to unwind and forget the British weather for just a mere week or two. And to get to the point of discussion of the aroma, yes, it does give off notes of pineapple, with the combination of the coconut that seems to overpower the former just by a little.

A creamy body that resembles a smoothie thanks to the whole milk used in this beverage, slowly fills the glass that has a colour tone of, you guessed it, a typical Pina Colada that you can buy at the bar.

For the taste, it is rather sweet on the palette with a fantastic blend of the pineapple and coconut.

Overall, this is without a doubt the perfect non-alcoholic cocktail that I have had the privilege to review and enjoy on such a glorious, sunny Thursday afternoon.

Oh, and did I forget to mention that this also won the Gulfood Award for the ‘Best new non-alcoholic beverage’

Ingredients: water, sugar, concentrated whole milk, pineapple juice concentrate, acidifier citric acid, acidity regulator E331, stabiliser pectin; coconut milk, Natural Coconut and Pineapple aroma, invert sugar syrup, antioxidant: ascorbic acid; modified starch, colourants E150d and E100

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