The Midweek Drink - Tiny Rebel x Big Drop Brew 7th Birthday

The Midweek Drink - Tiny Rebel x Big Drop Brew 7th Birthday

I’m going to start off by saying WOW! From Monday to Wednesday, the weather has been glorious! The highest that its been is 20ºC and it’s only February. You would expect that in the summer - but oh, no! It had to surprise us just as we were preparing for a cold front, with our woolly hats and gloves on standby. 

Now if this weather does continue for another week - or two - then I suppose looking for that perfect beverage will be on your mind. And if so, I hope I will be able to entice you with today’s choice of beverage.

On today’s Midweek Drink, I am pleased to be reviewing - and announcing - for you a new addition to LightDrinks brewed by Tiny Rebel Brewing and Big Drop Brewing: Imperial Mocha Vanilla Shot Stout. As part of their 7th Birthday, Tiny Rebel Brewing have chosen to collaborate with Big Drop Brewing to create a one of a kind stout. So before we begin, I’ve written a brief history on Tiny Rebel.

Brief history on Tiny Rebel Brewing

Tiny Rebel Brewing was established in Newport, Wales in 2012 by two brother-in-laws, Bradley Cummings and Gareth Williams. With Gareth’s experience in home brewing, the pair began brewing in Bradleys father’s garage. By 2013, they opened up their first bar in Cardiff and from there, they collaborated with other breweries, such as Hogan’s; became the first brewery in Wales to win Champion Beer of Britain and now serve their beers to over 35 countries.

Three senses and a beverage

The ingredients used are: water, malted barley, malted wheat, rye, oats, hops, lactose (milk), chulucanas cocoa nibs, Peruvian cocoa powder, coaltown coffee, vanilla and yeast. 

The Stout has an alcohol content of 0.5%, making this an alcohol-free beverage. This stout also comes in a 440ml can, decorated in 8-bit cartoon artwork. 

The stout has a black colour (which is quite common in stout); light brown thin head and smooth carbonation. The one thing that can be picked out straightaway when it comes to the aroma is the coffee, which reminds me of freshly crushed coffee beans (nothing else beats that smell in the morning). When it comes to the taste, the bitterness of the coffee is strong, but, the vanilla comes along and blends smoothly to give you a sweet aftertaste. All in all, if you’re after a stout that’s light and with character, I highly recommend giving this a shot (pun not intended).

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