The Midweek Drink - Tiny Rebel Rhubarb & Custard Non Alcoholic Sour

It’s Wednesday, it’s cold and it’s grim. But hopefully with this week’s edition of The Midweek Drink, it may cheer you up and possibly bring a smile to your face.

This past weekend, the UK - especially in the South - came to a standstill thanks to the snowstorm ripping through from the West. Although I did enjoy playing in the snow, I did not enjoy the sharp, cold bite of winter that smothered my gloveless hands. Self-inflicted, but it was worth performing the task of making snowballs while failing to aim at my target (the fiancé) with precision as she peacefully took some scenic shots.

We are also drawing to the end of Dry January where we have seen new and old customers choosing us to achieve a month of sobriety; and to those who choose to continue the sober life beyond January, we wish you the very best!

So for this week’s Midweek Drink, I have chosen to review a sour beer brewed by Tiny Rebel called Rhubarb and Custard Sour.

Brief history on Tiny Rebel Brewing

Tiny Rebel Brewing was established in Newport, Wales in 2012 by two brother-in-laws, Bradley Cummings and Gareth Williams. With Gareth’s experience in home brewing, the pair began brewing in Bradleys father’s garage. By 2013, they opened up their first bar in Cardiff and from there, they collaborated with other breweries, such as Hogan’s; became the first brewery in Wales to win Champion Beer of Britain and now serve their beers to over 35 countries.

Three senses and a beverage

Tiny Rebel’s Rhubarb and Custard Sour is packaged in a 330ml can; suitable for vegetarians and is non-alcoholic (0.5%).

The ingredients used are water, malted barley, malted wheat, lactose (milk), vanilla, fruit puree, hops, yeast.

This non-alcoholic sour has, as described on the can, a rose gold colour tone with a cloudy appearance, minimal carbonation and a thin white head that dissipates quickly. 

When I pass my nose above the glass, I am treated with the sweet aroma of the iconic sweet duo of rhubarb and custard; the rhubarb being the most potent out of the two.

It has a smooth and light body. The taste of the rhubarb and custard is very noticeable on the first sip, and gives one a nostalgic feeling of the sweets that our parents, and grandparents, would buy from the traditional sweet shops that dominated the high street up and down the country many years ago. The minimal, yet constant, flow of carbonation helps keep this beverage crisp and refreshing.

Finally, you are left with a subtle sour, dry aftertaste with the sweet duo still teasing the tastebuds until the very last drop of this non-alcoholic sour has left the glass.

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