The Midweek Drink - The Good Cider of San Sebastian Alcohol Free

The Midweek Drink - The Good Cider of San Sebastian Alcohol Free

Good afternoon, L’Ders! And welcome to the 26th edition of The Midweek Drink. I hope that the brief heatwave that we had to endure satisfied you, giving you hope that this summer will be even better. Or, if you are like me and are not a fan of double digits that begin with the number two and would prefer a mild heat with a fresh, soft breeze, then I have some good news on how to keep a cool head.

I am pleased to announce a new alcohol-free cider that will suit the heat and will help to keep a cool head - and body - as you hydrate yourself: The Good Cider of San Sebastian. And I am even more pleased to be reviewing this, too.

The Good Cider began its journey in 1918 in the Basque Region by a family of Spaniards who began to produce their own cider by using their own apples from their apple orchard; and to this day, they still keep to tradition of cider making by pressing apples for their natural flavours without the need of using artificial flavouring.

It is also very popular in the USA; not just the apple cider, but also their wild berries flavour, peach flavour, pear flavour and strawberry flavour!

Now comes the fun part!

The ingredients used in this cider are: sparkling water, Apple juice (35%) from concentrate, glucose syrup, cider, citric acid and natural flavourings.

The cider itself is bottled in a 330ml bottle with a brightly coloured label of a wreath of red apples circulating around the words The Good Cider of San Sebastian. It is also vegetarian friendly and gluten-free.

As all ciders, they are to be enjoyed chilled and poured into a glass so you can observe its colour and delight your senses with its aroma and taste.

The colour itself has a clear, midsummer straw tone with a smooth flow of carbonation to keep it refreshing, continuously. For both aroma and taste, it is easy to pick out the sweetness of the apples, that one would recognise if to cut one open or to just take a bite out of a freshly picked apple. It truly is very crisp, refreshing and sweet - just in time to be enjoyed for the upcoming British Summer.

Where to buy The Good Cider of San Sebastian in the UK

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