The Midweek Drink - Stiegl Freibier Alkoholfrei

The Midweek Drink - Stiegl Freibier Alkoholfrei

Welcome to The Midweek Drink with me, Chris, reviewing for you our catalogue of beverages at LightDrinks that may have caught your eye as you were browsing, and were hoping to see if I have giving them a try and may have you thinking “Yeah, I’ll give that one a go!”.

Halloween. Check. Bonfire Night. Check. Diwali. Check. October has now passed, November is already half-way through, so now, it’s time to get festive as December is just around the corner. So to get ahead of the mad Christmas rush, it may be best to start stocking up on the Prosecco, Gin, Beer, or whatever takes your fancy (alcohol-free, of course).

So on today’s choice of beverage, I shall be reviewing for you a non-alcoholic beer called Stiegl Freibier Alkolfrei (0.5%).

A brief history of Stiegl

The Stiegl Brewery has been making beer for over 525 years. The location of the brewery is sat in the Salzburg region of Austria and has been privately owned since 1942. The brewery’s success can be linked to the family name “Kiener”, whom took ownership of the brewery 120 years ago, and is still under the Kiener ownership, growing quite successfully since Dr. Heinrich Dieter Kiener III took the reigns of the business in 1990. Since then, Stiegl Brewery has transformed from being a small brewery into becoming Austria’s largest private brewery. 

Three senses and a beverage

This non-alcoholic beer is bottled in a 330ml bottle. It has a cloudy, light yellow colour as you pour into a glass, with moderate carbonation  and a frothy, light white head. The aroma of this beer is hoppy with fruity notes and for the flavour, it has a citrusy, malty taste at the start that then finishes off with a hoppy and light bitter aftertaste.

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