The Midweek Drink - Square Root London Lemonade

The Midweek Drink - Square Root London Lemonade

Hello again and welcome to The Midweek Drink: 21st edition. As a nation, we coped with ‘The Beast From The East’ just how we would expect ourselves to cope in such nightmarish weather: we can’t. But now that the ‘Beast’ has gone, it is time to look forward to a very special day for that special woman in your life: Mothering Sunday. Your mother, who brought you into this world, been there for you during those tough times and thinks you can ‘quickly pause’ an online game to give her a hand, deserves all the love and attention that she has given to you over the years. So make sure you’ve put a reminder on your calendar for this Sunday.

On today’s Midweek Drink, I will be reviewing a Lemonade made by Square Root London.

If you haven’t had the time to check out the review I did on the origins of Square Root London, that’s fine. To make it quick and sweet, I’ll give you quick key points that may have some interest to you:

  • In 2012, Ed & Robyn began making their very own Ginger Beer in their kitchen using only natural ingredients.
  • They started selling their Ginger Beer at a local farmers market in Harringay and proved to be very popular.
  • In 2013, Square Root Works was established in Hackney Downs.
  • They have won the 2015 BBC Food and Farming Award for “Best Drinks Producer”.

Five years later, they have produced a large selection of sodas, tonics and collaborations, with many more possibly in the works!

Three senses and a beverage

The ingredients used are: Carbonated Water, Lemon (6%) and British Beet Sugar.

The Lemonade comes in a 275ml bottle. The label has a pale-yellow background with an image of lemons and small flowers blooming of branches, encircling the glass bottle.

It has minimal carbonation and a cloudy appearance that gives it that traditional look of what lemonade should be.

It has a great blend of sweet and zest, which gives it a very refreshing and light taste. For the aroma, you get a pleasant whiff of citric notes from the lemons that have been harvested for your enjoyment, which, also, has that home-made feel to it.

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