The Midweek Drink - Square Root Citrus Pale Shandy

The Midweek Drink - Square Root Citrus Pale Shandy

If you have just woken up and guzzled down a cup of coffee to kickstart the workday - good morning! Or, if you have just walked in from working the night shift - good evening! Here on The Midweek Drink, we will review a different type of beverage from our wide-range collection every Wednesday to give you an idea of what we at LightDrinks think of them.

So to kickoff the first edition of The Midweek Drink - and my first time at having a shot at writing my first blog - I will be reviewing a collaboration of Citrus Pale Ale and Shandy produced by Square Root London.

A brief history on Square Root London

As all businesses start: small, with a pinch of self-belief and hard-work, Square Root London you could say was one of them. In 2012 they started in a small kitchen using only fresh ingredients to produce and sell Ginger Beer to a local farmer’s market in Harringay - and as their reputation and customers grew, so did new flavours blossom. By the end of 2013, Square Root Soda Works was founded, and the production and bottling of these new flavours were in full swing to satisfy the taste buds of their growing customers. Five years later from their humble beginnings, they now have a great selection of soda, shandy and tonic and have won the 2015 BBC Food and Farming Award for “Best Drinks Producer”.

Three senses and a beverage

Now for my first sense to be entertained is my sight. The label of the bottle alone will have cat lovers in awe as they gaze upon it and the bottle cap itself has a pull ring cap which I have never seen before on a glass bottle (a couple generations before me would greatly remind me that this was what would be used back in the day). Nevertheless, its a nice nostalgic touch. As I poured the shandy into a glass it instantly reminded me of cloudy lemonade with the addition of carbonated bubbles delicately whizzing upwards to the surface.

Oh, wow! These were the first two words that left my lips as I took my first sip, and the excitement in my eyes showed how surprised I was that I may have found a shandy that I would enjoy. With ingredients like Grapefruit, Lemon & Lime, it gives it that refreshing, crisp taste of a perfect balance of bitter and sweet. And for the smell, it gives off a nice citrus and fruity aroma that paints a picture in my head that this would be ideal to drink on those warm British summer afternoons (you can’t beat the British summer…when it chooses not to rain, that is), but can of course be enjoyed during any time of the year.

So, if you are a little adventurous and want to try something new so you can tell friends or family of what they are missing out, then I suggest giving Square Root Citrus Pale Shandy a go.

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