The Midweek Drink - PUNCHY Drinks Non Alcoholic Spiced Rum Punch

The Midweek Drink - PUNCHY Drinks Non Alcoholic Spiced Rum Punch

Hello and welcome to the Midweek Drink!

We’re already halfway through the working week with the weekend just peeking over the horizon. Unfortunately, the hot weather will not be showing its face this weekend; but the papers have promised that the heatwave will continue soon and right up to October…Yeah…I can’t see that happening.

PUNCHY 0% is this week’s Midweek Drink, and boy! Did they get that right when it came to choosing a name that would sell and describe this beverage, very well: Being an alcohol-free Spiced Rum Punch and how it can pack a punch with only five ingredients!

A brief history of PUNCHY

The idea for producing a 0% Spiced Rum Punch came about when Paddy Cavanagh-Butler, the co-founder of PUNCHY, was on holiday with friends with one of them not able to drink alcohol. So after making a mocktail punch, Paddy knew he was onto something and shared his idea with fellow co-founder, Charlie Hobhouse.

At the time, both were working full-time jobs plus getting their new business venture up and running, until, in July 2018, both Paddy and Charlie were able to leave their jobs and go full-time with PUNCHY.

Three senses and a beverage

The 5 main ingredients used are: Peach, Ginger, Spice, Rum and Bubbles. This Spiced Rum Punch comes in a 250ml bottle; low in sugar, low in calories, gluten-free and vegan friendly.

This Spiced Rum Punch has a hazy, pale yellow colour as you pour, with a smooth, constant flow of carbonation to keep it pleasantly refreshing and bubbly, of course. It has a strong aroma of peach and ginger (the ginger especially as it tickles the inside of the nostrils) and for the taste, your tastebuds are first treated to the subtle sweetness of the peach, followed by the rum, and finally, the heat from the ginger that gives it that kick at the back of the throat to then finishing off with a warm, fuzzy feeling on the chest.

Where to buy PUNCHY Drinks

Here at LightDrinks you can pick up PUNCHY for just £1.89 per bottle. Tap here to grab a few bottles!

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