The Midweek Drink - Pimento Ginger Beer & Chilli Drink

The Midweek Drink - Pimento Ginger Beer & Chilli Drink

Woo! It finally snowed!…but it’s about two months, too late. The ‘Beast From The East’, as the papers have dubbed it, has caused mass delays for transport and mass hysteria with people ‘panic-buying’ for supplies as if they are expecting to be snowed in for the next 72 hours. Maybe in rural areas this could happen, but in London? Nah.

But this cold weather had me thinking: What kind of drink would suit this? And straightaway, I knew that choosing Pimento Ginger Ale would be perfect!

A brief history of Pimento

The journey of Pimento Ginger Ale - and Pimento, itself - began as an idea thought-up by a Parisian by the name of Eric Dalsace. Eric, who is the Founder, President and CEO of Pimento, decided give up alcohol; but he still looked for that one thing that could fill the void…something with a ‘kick’. So he began to experiment with natural ingredients that would provide that kick; and he found it in three ingredients: ginger, chilli pepper and tonic.

With these hot yet well balanced ingredients, Pimento Ginger Ale was made possible and has seen large popularity outside of Strasbourg (the origin of Pimento) & the UK. In fact! They have become very popular across all four corners of the globe, as well as becoming the perfect drink to pair with world cuisines, such as Asian and Mediterranean dishes.

Three senses and a beverage

This alcohol-free ginger ale is bottled in a 250ml glass bottle with an easy twist-off cap that allows you to seal the bottle back up for you to enjoy later on. It has a label with warm gold and red colours and a black chilli pepper in the middle: it’s like a warning to prepare your taste buds of what they are about to embark on.

It has a cloudy, pale yellow colour and moderate carbonation. The ginger is pretty obvious once it is poured into a glass; it opens the canals inside of your nose with its strong and refreshing aroma. For the taste, you get a lovely sweetness that starts from the beginning and continues to the end; the spiciness of the ginger, and then the kick from the chilli pepper. This alcohol-free ginger ale certainly has that ‘WOW!’ factor when you take the first sip and it continues to have that with every sip you take.

So if you wish to keep warm during this week, I suggest that you give this small - yet mighty - bottle of alcohol-free ginger ale.

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