The Midweek Drink - Old Speckled Hen Low Alcohol

The Midweek Drink - Old Speckled Hen Low Alcohol

Good afternoon and welcome to the 64th edition of The Midweek Drink on this cool, cloudy Wednesday. I do believe that we deserve this weather after the scorching weekend that some of us enjoyed, or had to endure, with the aftermath resulting in sunburn and flaky skin (I’m one of them). But with the weekend coming up, there may be a chance of some sunny spells - excluding London - around the country, which give us, the British people, a reason to have a drink - be it alcohol or alcohol-free.

And if you do decide to go alcohol-free, then may I suggest giving today’s choice of beverage a go? The beverage that I’m talking about is an Ale brewed by Morland Brewery called Old Speckled Hen Low Alcohol.

The Morland Brewery was founded by a farmer called John Morland in 1711. In 1860, Morland’s Brewery acquired two breweries: Abbey Brewery and Eagle Brewery. Twenty years later, Morland Brewery moved the brewery to Abingdon and remained there until the year 2000, when Greene King purchased the brewery and moved production to Bury St. Edmunds, where they continue to produce their iconic Old Speckled Hen and now the alcohol-free version.

The ingredient used are: Water, malted barley extract, malted barley, natural hop flavouring, hops, colouring: E150c.

Old Speckled Hen has an alcohol content of 0.5% and is bottled in a  500ml glass bottle.

This Ale has the same clear, dark caramel colour tone as you would expect from a typical brown ale, with an off-white head and slow, smooth carbonation rising up to the side of the glass. Before I could even hover my nose above the ale, I immediately picked out notes of toffee and malts; the taste is pretty much similar. With the taste, the toffee and malts really make their presence strong on the tastebuds, as well as its slight bitter aftertaste and light body finish.

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