The Midweek Drink - Old Mout Cider Alcohol Free Berries & Cherries

The Midweek Drink - Old Mout Cider Alcohol Free Berries & Cherries

Good afternoon and welcome to the 67th edition of The Midweek Drink. The weekend is almost upon us, and yes, the temperatures will be in double digits again…and yes, that means a risk of sunburn if you’re not too careful. So while you scout around the house for the suncream to keep your skin from burning, I have a few new beverages that you may like to try to keep your brow cool in the blistering sun this weekend. 

These new beverages (or to be more precise, three) are Freestar Premium Alcohol Free Beer; Harviestoun Brewery Wheesht Dark Ale Alcohol Free & Estrella Free Damm Limon.

Right! For you lucky people, I will be reviewing another cider (perfect for this time of year, of course) made by a very popular cidery that has made its name in this country up and down the pubs and bars. I am, of course, talking about Old Mout Cider and their first ever alcohol free cider, called Berries & Cherries.

A brief history of Old Mout Cider

The roots of Old Out Cider can be traced back to a cycling trip to England made by Wanda Tait in 1947. After sampling at a local Scrumpy, Wanda decided to set up her own cidery in a shed back in Nelson, New Zealand. To put a twist to the home-made cider, two guys, Justin and Scottie, took over the company and developed, with the combining of island fruits, an amazing range of award winning ciders, that can be enjoyed to the fullest in the UK, thanks to the H.P. Bulmer brewery.

Three senses and a beverage

Berries & Cherries is an alcohol-free cider (0.0%) and is bottled in a 500ml brown bottle. 

The cider has a clear, raspberry colour and has a very, highly active abundance of carbonation that keeps the cider looking refreshing and mouthwatering. Now bear in mind, this cider does have quite a collection of different types of fruits, such as, apple, grape, blackcurrant and strawberry (the list goes on…), but out of all of them, the blackcurrant is what can be picked out the most - and it does have that blackcurrant juice aroma to it that can be found in Ribena.

For the taste, you can also taste the blackcurrant with a hint of elderberry and cherry, to then finishing off with an aftertaste of the apple, which gives it that traditional taste of a cider with the true sweet and crispness of one that should be throughly enjoyed in the summer sun.

Where to buy Old Mout Cider Alcohol Free Berries & Cherries

Here at LightDrinks, you can pick up Old Mout Cider Alcohol Free Berries & Cherries for just £1.49 per bottle! Also, check out our range of alcohol free & non alcoholic ciders.

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