The Midweek Drink - Northern Monk Holy Faith

Good morning! How are we all, today?

I hope that you all had a fun-packed weekend with friends and family who are part of your social bubble, of course? And I hope you made the most of Saturdays feel-good weather with blue skies and that early-Spring Sun radiating across the land, giving us a glimpse of a hopeful Spring when lockdown finally releases its grip on the nation.

So with two of the dullest months of the year gone, it is time to focus on March and what it will bring with it: St. Davids Day; Mother’s Day, St. Patricks Day and the beginning of Spring!

For this week’s Midweek Drink, I have chosen to delight my senses with Northern Monk’s alcohol-free hazy pale ale: Holy Faith.

A brief history on Northern Monk Brew Co

Northern Monk Brew Co is an independent brewery founded by Russell Bisset and Head Brewer Brian Dickson. They began brewing in 2014 in a derelict mill that was reconstructed into a brewery called the Old Flax Store in Holbeck, Leeds. In 2017, they expanded the business into a larger brewery half a mile from Holbeck in Sydenham Road.

Together, these two breweries can manage to brew up to 18 different beers at a time!

Three senses and a beverage

The following ingredients used are: water, malted barley, oats, maltodextrin, hops, yeast.

Northern Monk Holy Faith has an ABV of 0.5% and is canned in a 440ml can.

There is no better sound than a can being cracked open and watching the contents pour into a glass; and this goes for Holy Faith. When this hazy pale ale is poured it shows off its silky appearance; hazy pale yellow colour tone and finishes off with a thin white head.

A tropical and citrusy aroma can be picked up when this beverage finally settles down in the glass, and with that, you are treated to its smooth texture; refreshing crispiness, fruity with a grassy taste to which finishes off with a dry bitter aftertaste.

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