The Midweek Drink - Maisel's Weisse Wheat Beer Alkoholfrei

The Midweek Drink - Maisel's Weisse Wheat Beer Alkoholfrei

It’s that time of the week again, people! I can see the weekend rising over the horizon and it brings with it good vibes and good weather. I do believe that Spring is around the corner, and I can’t wait for those light mornings and those warm afternoons that will take over these cold, dark afternoons.

On today’s Midweek Drink, I will be reviewing a Wheat Beer called Maisel's Weisse Wheat Beer Alkoholfrei, brewed by Brauerei Gebr. Maisel.

Quick History Lesson: Maisel’s Brewery

In 1887, two brothers, Eberhardt and Hans Maisel, opened the Maisel’s Brewery in Bayreuth, Germany.

In 1920, the sons of the two brothers, Fritz and Andreas, took the the reigns of the company up until 1955 when his sons, Oscar and Hans, took control. Today, Jeff Maisel continues the family tradition of producing great craftsmanship and brewing excellent quality wheat beer for the world to enjoy.

Three senses and a beverage

Maisel’s Weisse Alkoholfrei Hefe-Weissbier comes in a 500ml bottle, with an alcohol content of 0.5%.

The ingredients used are: water, wheat malt, barley malt, yeast, hops, natural fermentation carbon dioxide.

This wheat beer has a cloudy, dark amber colour which makes it near - no - quite impossible to see right through with medium carbonation and a light, white frothy head.

The best way I can describe the texture of this wheat beer is silky and light. It has a strong aroma of wheat and a subtleness of banana which took me by surprise as I wasn’t expecting that! For the taste, again, both the wheat and banana make an appearance, giving this wheat beer a silky, sweet taste.

Where to buy Maisel's Weisse Wheat Beer Alkoholfrei

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