The Midweek Drink - Lowtide Brewing Atomic Blonde

The Midweek Drink - Lowtide Brewing Atomic Blonde

Good afternoon all on this cloudy, November day, and welcome to The Midweek Drink. Halloween has passed, Diwali and Bonfire Night too, so all we have left to come is….CHRISTMAS!! There’s only three more weeks until the decorations come down from the loft and the cheesy Christmas songs begin playing in all retail shops. It is also the right time to begin filling up friends and families (or even yours?) stockings with some alcohol-free beverages. So have a snoop around and see what you think would bring a smile to their faces on Christmas Day!

For this weeks Midweek Drink, I have had the privilege to review, again, another beverage by Lowtide Brewing: Atomic Blonde.

A brief history of Lowtide Brewing

Before Lowtide Brewing came about, the founders, Rob & Dave, opened their very own site n the Summer of 2019 that would seek the best alcohol-free craft beers around the world and the UK. After exploring for the best craft beers, they felt that the world could do with more choice. So they took it upon themselves and began brewing their very own AF craft beers and from that Lowtide Brewing was born and is widely recognised for its unique beers and artwork.

Three senses and a beverage

Lowtide Brewing’s Atomic Blonde is, as the name obviously points out, is a Blonde Ale with a blend of apricots; with an ABV of <0.5%, making this an alcohol-free beer, and produced in a 440ml can.

The ingredients used are: water, hops, yeast, barley, oats, wheat, spices, apricots.

As tradition goes, I've got to pour this beer in a glass as drinking from the can itself doesn’t really let you admire the colour and aroma that the brewers have painstakingly gone through to perfect this beverage.

For appearance, it has a clear, gold colour tone with a very active amount of carbonation whizzing to the top which fades into a white head that dissipates quite quickly.

As expected from a beer that has apricots, I can instantly get the whiff off the apricots and overpowering the aroma of the hops.

It has a sweet and crisp taste thanks to the apricots and spices that blend beautifully, which also finishes off with a sweet, dry aftertaste. You can rest-assure that your tastebuds will be dancing with glee with this refreshing and
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