The Midweek Drink - Lindemans Framboise

The Midweek Drink - Lindemans Framboise

Hello to those happy, health-conscious people who may be reading this at this moment, either after an intense gym workout or winding down after a stress-relief yoga class. Or if you have just left work and on your way to commute back home, then hopefully today’s review will give you an idea of what to choose for the weekend. But before I start, a quick reminder for you lot: it’s Father’s Day this Sunday.

Yep, that special day that only comes around once a year for father’s out there - or as I call mine ‘the old man’ - who deserve to be recognised for their great advice when needed, playing football over the park on those early Saturday mornings or participating in tea parties whilst having a manicure. In addition to this day, we will be offering 10% off our beverages!

So for this week’s Midweek Drink, I will be reviewing a Flemish Lambic Beer called Lindemans Framboise.

A brief history of Lindemans

Lindemans roots began on a small farm in Vlezenbeek, Belgium in 1822. The founder, Frans Lindemans, married Françoise Josine Vandersmissen who also had farming in her blood, would farm through the day and in the evenings would begin brewing his very own Lambic beer. As brewing Lambic beer became a full-time job, Frans had to make a choice: continue brewing or shutdown the farm. He chose the latter.

From 1930 onwards, Lindemans brewery continued to grow strong, and by 1970, they began exporting outside of Belgium to countries such as France, Germany and the USA.

Three senses and a beverage

The ingredients used are: brewing water, pure raspberry juice (min. 40%), barley malt, sugar, wheat, hops, natural flavouring, sweetener: steviol glycosides, anti-oxidant: ascorbic acid.

The alcohol content of this beer is 2.5% and comes in a 375ml bottle that has a cork to preserve the beer underneath the bottle-cap. So make sure you have a corkscrew in your kitchen drawer!

The beer pours a hazy dark-red colour with a pink frothy head that slowly dissipates. A light-bodied beer with low carbonation, with an aroma that is fruity, thanks to the raspberries with the combination of roasted hops. For the taste, it starts of sweet as you take your first sip, which then has a subtle sourness at the back of the tongue. The good thing is that it is well-balanced when it comes to the sweet and sour combination.

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