The Midweek Drink - Kopparberg Mixed Fruits Alcohol Free

The Midweek Drink - Kopparberg Mixed Fruits Alcohol Free

Good afternoon - actually, let me rephrase that: what a boiling afternoon it has been! At its highest, the temperature reached 39°C which is just a tad bit too hot for me to sunbathe. Nevertheless, I did try and enjoy the heatwave…behind a fan.

So I thought to myself: what is the perfect beverage for this weather to review for The Midweek Drink? A cider. To be more precise, a cider brewed by Kopparberg called Mixed Fruits.

So with the beverage revealed, let us crack on, shall we?

A brief history of Kopparberg Brewery

The Kopparberg brewery was originally founded in 1882 in the town of Kopparberg, Sweden by 36 regional brewers. In 1993, two brothers, Peter & Dan-Anders Bronsman, decided to purchase the brewery to fulfil a lifelong ambition of running their very own brewery. In 1995, the brewery was burnt down; but this only made the brewery stronger and kick-started a new era of cider making. 

In 1996, Kopparberg began selling its first batch outside of the Swedish borders, and was finally introduced to the UK in 2003 with the addition of their non-alcoholic pear cider and mixed fruits cider in 2007.

Three senses and a beverage

Kopparberg Mixed Fruits cider is sold in a 500ml bottle and is alcohol-free. 

The colour of this cider begins with a pastel-pink tone as its poured into a glass, which then, transforms smoothly into a clear, raspberry colour as it twists and twirls to the top of the glass, to then finally finishing off with a thin, white head and smooth carbonation rising upwards.

Very fruity aroma; mostly the blackcurrant overpowers the other fruits, with a hint of the apple that is quite subtle. Again, for the taste, the blackcurrant can be picked out right away, with a minimal sweetness from the strawberries to then finishing off with an aftertaste of the apple. 

The cider itself has a very light body and leaves a tingle on the tongue, that lures you in for another gulp - and another bottle.

Where to buy Kopparberg Alcohol Free

Here at LightDrinks, you can buy Kopparberg Mixed Fruits Alcohol Free and Kopparberg Strawberry & Lime Alcohol Free!

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