The Midweek Drink - Infinite Session Pale Alcohol Free

The Midweek Drink - Infinite Session Pale Alcohol Free

You know what day it is, you know what I blab on about every Wednesday, or in this case, a HOT Wednesday. So as I am typing away on my laptop in my garden, catching some rays as one does, I’m starting to thirst for today’s Midweek Drink as it chills in my fridge waiting to be consumed - slowly, not rushed. And what kind of drink is perfect for this wonderful day? An American Pale Ale. An alcohol-free American Pale Ale, to be exact, called Infinite Session Pale Alcohol Free.

Brewed in Sambrook’s Brewery, London, Infinite Sessions was founded by two brothers: Chris (good name) and Tom Hannaway. These two brothers began drinking non-alcoholic beers to avoid the dreaded light thud between the eyes that strikes you the very moment you wake up the next day. And so, they took the opportunity of brewing their very own pale ale that was different from the rest with no alcohol content and low in calories.

The ingredients used are: Barley, Wheat, Oats, Lactose, Hops and Yeast. Oh and by the way, this Pale Ale is made with 5 different types of hops and malts, so you are guaranteed that this will be one heck of a drink bursting with great flavour and aroma.

Three senses and a beverage

So now the bottle has got that inviting frosty look to it that just makes you drool and excited to pop the cap off, I believe it’s time to now indulge and review this Pale Ale.

The Pale Ale comes in a 330ml bottle, 0.5% ABV and a label with the words Infinite Session circling round the word ‘Pale’. It has a clear amber colour as you pour, white and frothy head and medium carbonation. I can pick out a very fruity aroma, and for the taste it’s like drinking a tropical drink with a pleasant bitterness at the back of the tongue thats not too overpowering.

As a whole, this is the ideal choice of drink to choose for the upcoming summer, so if I was you I would consider stocking up, quickly! And the guys are right with their slogan choice at Infinite Session: It’s ‘Not Boring AF’.

Where to buy Infinite Session

You can purchase Infinite Session Pale Alcohol Free directly from us at LightDrinks, for just £1.89 per bottle. Click here to buy.

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