The Midweek Drink - Hogan's High Sobriety Cider 1%

The Midweek Drink - Hogan's High Sobriety Cider 1%

Hello all! It feels good to be reviewing another drink again this week as, unfortunately, I wasn’t able to do so last week. The reason for this? Well, I had the ‘man flu’, also known as, the common cold. And this cold completely blocked my sense of taste and smell so attempting to review a drink would of been an impossible task! But now I’m fit and ready this week to try out a cider brewed by Hogan’s Cider called High Sobriety. It has a low alcohol content of 1.0%, gluten free and vegan friendly!

The ingredients used are: English cider apple juice, water, sugar, carbon dioxide, malic acid, preservative: potassium metabisulphite (sulphites).

A brief history on Hogan’s Cider

It all started in the Autumn of 1985, the season of scrumping, when Allen Hogan met John Stewart, who was the man to go to when it came to having the knowledge of cider making.

Over the course of the years, both men continued to work together to produce the perfect cider; and the time finally came when Allen gained the courage to take his cider to a farmers market. After receiving great feedback from the people who purchased his cider, the time felt right for Allen now to venture further and create a business with his creation.

In 2005, Allen launched Hogan’s Cider and showed off his creation at local events. In 2007, Hogan’s Cider crossed over the Atlantic and made its debut in North America.

From then on, Hogan’s Cider won and still is winning awards, have branched out across other countries and have invested into the very best tools and equipment needed to produce and provide the different array of ciders for the thirsty mouths of the people.

Three senses and a beverage

This English cider, which is 100% suited for the upcoming summer of 2018, comes in a 500ml glass bottle. When you pull the cap off, you get a huge whiff of the sweetness from the apples escaping from the top.

It has a rich amber colour, a head that fades so quickly that you forget that there was one there, and light carbonation to give it that refreshing taste every time you take another sip.

How can I describe the taste? Dry, very crisp, sweet with a slight sourness, too. You can definitely taste the apples in this, and the fact that this comes in a 500ml glass bottle, this low alcoholic cider can be enjoyed at your own pace without the worry of finishing the bottle, too quickly. Or if you do enjoy drinking cider quite a lot then maybe another bottle on the side wont do any harm!

Where to buy Hogan's High Sobriety 1% Cider

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