The Midweek Drink - Hawkshead Brewery Lighter Times

The Midweek Drink - Hawkshead Brewery Lighter Times

Good afternoon and welcome to another round-up of the Midweek Drink on this lovely soon-to-be-autumn day! 

With October just a week away, you may want to prepare yourselves for Sober October by stocking up on our favourite beers, ciders or even spirits. And to help you on this milestone, we will be offering a 10% discount code for orders placed with us!

For today’s choice of beverage, I will be reviewing a Pale Ale that has been brewed by Hawkshead Brewery called Lighter Times.

Hawkshead Brewery began its journey in 2002 inside a barn outside the village of Hawkshead in the Lake District. In 2006, the brewery relocated to the Mill Yard in Staveley and continues to produce pale ales, stouts and sours with great success.

Right! Onwards with the review, my fellow L’der’s!

Hawkshead Brewery Lighter Times is a low alcohol pale ale (0.5%) that is produced and contained inside a 330ml can. 

This pale ale reveals its hazy, light gold colour as its poured slowly into a glass, with smooth carbonation and a frothy white head that leaves white lacing in the side of the glass as it slowly dissipates.

 From what my nose can pick out in the way of aromas are the hops (American hops, that is) and a fruitless rising from the top of the glass can be clearly detected, and is quite typical from pale ales.

And for the taste, it starts of sweet and malty; followed by a bitterness that is just slightly too strong for me but may be loved by others, to then finishing off with a dry, hoppy aftertaste.

Where to buy Hawkshead Lighter Times

Here at LightDrinks, you can buy Hawkshead Lighter Times for just £1.79 per can

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