The Midweek Drink - Gen!us Craft Lager

The Midweek Drink - Gen!us Craft Lager

Well, that was one glorious Bank Holiday, am I right? A hot - actually let me rephrase that - a very hot Bank Holiday, which makes a change from the typical wet and grey ones that have come and gone. But if you are like me, then you may have enjoyed the thunder and lightning display the day before (minus the thunder, that is, due to the storm being 20 miles away).

So for the 30th edition of The Midweek Drink (30 different types of drinks reviewed? Wow! My tastebuds have sure been working overtime these past months), I will be reviewing Gen!us Craft Lager, brewed by Genius Brewing. But who is the team behind this?

A brief history of the Genius Brewing Team

The team behind the creation of Genius Brewing stems from two men: Charlie Craig and Jason Clarke.

Charlie Craig, a man who spent a decade in HR consulting, building teams of bankers in London and Hong Kong, moved on to work with Fyne Ales, to which, he became Operations Director of and helped the brewery to grow, tremendously over the years.

Jason Clarke, a Law graduate and Army officer, made a great career in the film-making industry for 20 years and established his own digital media production company in Scotland with some high-profile companies, such as Shell and RBS.

With both of these highly successful and business savvy men, they paired up and founded Genius Brewing in Glasgow.

Three senses and a beverage

The ingredients used are: water, premium barley malt, hops & yeast. The craft lager comes in a 330ml can and has an alcohol content of 3%.

The artwork on the can is fascinating! It depicts everything in relation to Physics, Mathematics, History and Philosophy: the human DNA strand; the equation for Newtons Law of Universal Gravitation, cave painting made by our early ancestors from over 30,000 years ago and quotes from Aristotle and Confucius.

The craft lager has a clear, amber colour; medium carbonation and a white head that dissipates quickly. It has a hoppy aroma mixed with citric notes with a hoppy and fruity taste that has a nice fizz on the tongue met with a pleasant bite at the back of the throat.

All in all, this is a very light and refreshing craft lager with minimal ingredients and can be thoroughly enjoyed served with Moussaka and Bruschetta as I found out, myself.

Where to buy Gen!us Craft Lager

Here at LightDrinks, you can buy Gen!us Craft Lager from just £1.99 per can. Get your hands on this great lager here.

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