The Midweek Drink - FitBeer

The Midweek Drink - FitBeer

Welcome back to the 3rd edition of The Midweek Drink and congratulations to those who are participating in Go Sober. Give yourself a pat on the back Soberstar, you’re smashing it!

On this week, I will be discussing about a beer that has - get ready for this - 66 calories per bottle, isotonic properties, rich in vitamins, reduces cholesterol, vegan friendly and can help pregnant women produce breast milk! (Wow! That is one heck of a drink). Now that has to be sweet music to the ears of calorie-counters, those looking for an ideal drink to give that extra energy boost and pregnant women. I am of-course talking about FitBeer.

So put those dumbbells down and lower your speed on the treadmill and take a couple of minutes out from your routine to read today’s choice of beverage.

A brief history on FitBeer

Joe and Becky, a brother and sister team, set out to find that perfect beer - and where in the world was the perfect place to begin their journey? Germany. As they travelled through the ‘homeland of beer’, they came across a family that owned a 500 year old brewery with a great background of brewing quality beer. They were on the right path when it came to searching for quality and experience and their mission to produce an alcohol-free beer was greatly accepted.

After both parties worked hard together, they successfully produced a Bavarian beer brimming with health benefits (as mentioned above), with an alcohol content no more than 0.3% and only using four ingredients - Water, Barley Malt, Hops and Yeast. They returned to the UK to launch their new creation in 2016 with great success. One year later, FitBeer is now stocked in bars and restaurants around London.

Three senses and a beverage

This is my favourite part of the blog: to try out and explain the sight, taste and aroma - like the amateur critic that I am - for the chosen beverage.

It has a pale gold colour with a soft and light body; a white head that dissipates which leaves a very thin white band around the glass with a constant flow of carbonated bubbles smoothly whirling their way up to the surface.

Refreshing, crisp, sweet and fairly bitter is the best way that I can describe the taste. The sweetness comes from the malt which blends nicely with the bitterness from the hops. It does have the same characteristics as a lager and can easily make you forget that what you are drinking is an alcohol-free beer.

My sense of smell is not the greatest, but what I could pick out were the hops which is, again, very similar to a lager.

As a whole, FitBeer has so much to give health-wise, ticks all the boxes if you are after great taste, colour and body, can be enjoyed post-workout to hydrate yourself or during an afternoon protein-packed meal - either it be meat or substitute meat.

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